Four Women

At fifty-six, Christina Wells has the difficult task of placing her mother, Sheri in an Alzheimer’s home. As if that task isn’t difficult enough, as she is going through her mother’s things she finds three letters and one photograph that will change her life. One actor performs the four characters Christina contacts to find the truth.

Hennessey Street

A four character play that takes place in the kind of neighborhood which has all but vanished from our busy lives. Produced in Pittsburgh, Pa., Palm Springs, Ca., Port Angeles and Sequim, Wa.

In Search of Mary Tyler Moore

A teleplay of four teenagers who meet aliens in after school detention. Old sitcoms on Nick at Nite is their common bond. Produced in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Port Angeles, Wa.

Spider on the Sill

A play in two acts. “What are we gonna do about Pop?” The modern dilemma between generations when living on one’s own is not an option. Produced by Olympic Theatre Arts, Sequim, Wa. Staged reading in Forks, Wa.

Dear Jennifer

An epistolary novella about the lifelong friendship of Michael, a dancer who gets AIDS and Jennifer, a woman who sacrifices her career and family for her friend. This work has been performed in a staged reading in Los Angeles in an abridged form and performed at New Voices in Pittsburgh in an abridged one-act play.

The Sitting Room

Three famous paintings come to life when space is needed over the mantle for an original portrait with a secret. A short story adapted for the stage. Staged reading at Juan De Fuca Festival, Port Angeles, Wa. Camaraderie Cellars Winery, Wa., Gabriola Island, BC, Canada.

A Conversation with Hattie McDaniel

Best known for being the first African-American to win an Academy Award, Hattie McDaniel blazed the trail for others long before the Civil Rights movement. Yet, her life was filled with the challenges of being a black actress in a world dominated by white men. Who was this woman? How did the 13th child of a former slave and Union soldier rise to national attention? Through the magic of theater, “A Conversation with Hattie McDaniel” brings Hattie to life when she meets Kathy, a young woman who shares a life changing moment.

Vignettes – A Fun Time with Wine

Divorce is never easy, but it gets really complicated when a case of Screaming Eagle from the wine cellar becomes the primary bargaining chip. Three generations of one family struggle with choices and a silly bunch of girlfriends contribute to this emotional rollercoaster. Wine is consumed and the outcome is anything but predictable.

Hazel Speaks!

Four seasoned actors voice the humor and passion of the amazing Hazel Wolf, Audubon champion, activist, and community leader with strong ties to the Northwest. Based on the book by Susan Starbuck, Rebecca Redshaw’s staged reading is in honor of this extraordinary woman – in Hazel’s own words. Hazel Speaks!

Into the Wind

Until September 11, 2001, the fire aboard the steamship General Slocum was the worst disaster in the history in New York City.  Meg Pomeroy is a young reporter assigned to a “puff” piece for the annual Lutheran church picnic. What unfolds before the sun sets exposes all aspects of human behavior challenged with survival.

“Into the Wind” is a factual account told through the eyes of fictional characters.