In Search of Mary Tyler Moore

In Search of Mary Tyler Moore

A Play in One Act by Rebecca Redshaw

Detention is a way of life for Laura Crispin and four other high school students. Generally thought of as losers, they are resigned to putting in mundane after school time so they can graduate.

Today’s session starts out boring as usual when out of the blue the classroom is visited by aliens from the planet OogilyGoogily. The OG’s have landed on planet earth to search for intelligent life. The hitch is that their planet crossed wires with the satellite signal for Nick at ‘Nite. For the aliens, earth is one big sitcom and they are desperate to meet Lucy, Weezie, The Fonz, Louie, Jeannie and just about every star on the tube, particularly Mary Tyler Moore.

Emotions of the students range from fear to panic to skepticism to wonder. Ultimately, through interaction with these out-of-this-world characters, they realize their worth to the world.

Performance History

  • Pittsburgh School for the Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Port Angeles Community Playhouse,Port Angeles, Wa. Benefit for First Step Family Support Center