Vignettes – A Fun Time with Wine

Vignettes – A Fun Time with Wine

A Play in Five Scenes by Rebecca Redshaw

When is it time to call it quits? After more than thirty years of marriage, Stacy is bored and Herb misses the “spark.” So many surprising situations occur when the word “divorce” is uttered: What to tell their college-bound son, Beau? Should they sell the house? And probably most important, who will get the prized bargaining chip in the divorce – the wine cellar?

Actually, Stacy doesn’t care about the dusty bottles in the basement, but Herb has invested years (and dollars) in his love of wine. Hearing the news of the couple’s potential split, Beau’s friends gather ‘round, Herb’s mother adds her two cents of wisdom, and Stacy’s girlfriends are more than happy to share their combined relationship good (?) judgment.

Whether to get a divorce or try to revive a relationship is not an easy decision – ever. Luckily, the flow of savory vintages help all involved share their opinions!

Performance History

  • “VIGNETTES – A Fun Time with Wine” was commissioned by Camaraderie Cellars and debuted October 2014. The play is approximately 60 minutes long which allows for a wine tasting/reception for the audience and cast after the performance.
  • In the first scene of “VIGNETTES”, a specific winery is mentioned by name (your winery’s name here) to entice future homebuyers on their home tour. In subsequent scenes your winery’s bottles are plainly visible (and the wine enjoyed).
  • With Camaraderie’s blessing, “VIGNETTES” is available to be performed for wine clubs, restaurants, and particularly wineries that want to promote their wine in a fun, positive environment.