A Conversation with Hattie McDaniel

A Conversation with Hattie McDaniel

A play in One Act by Rebecca Redshaw

A Conversation with Hattie McDaniel by Rebecca Redshaw

Best known for being the first African-American to win an Academy Award, Hattie McDaniel blazed the trail for others long before the Civil Rights movement. Yet, her life was filled with the challenges of being a black actress in a world dominated by white men, of striving for social justice long before it was accepted as the right thing to do, and of being vilified by other members of her race for perpetuating the “Mammy” stereotype through the roles she played.

Who was this woman? How did the 13th child of a former slave and Union soldier rise to national attention? Why was it impossible for her to find acceptance and happiness?

Through the magic of theater, “A Conversation with Hattie McDaniel” brings Hattie to life when she meets Kathy, a young woman who shares a life changing moment.

A play in one-act, “A Conversation with Hattie McDaniel” features two actors. It entertains and educates the audience in the differences and the similarities of life experience.

Performance History

  • Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Port Angeles, Wa.
  • Olympic Theatre Arts, Sequim, Wa.