“Six Letters” [ Title Page | Synopsis | Excerpt ]

Amanda Brooking has no idea her life is about to change drastically. Sorting out her pop’s things Amanda finds six letters; all addressed, all undelivered. She reads the mystery mail and decides it’s up to her to finally deliver the missives. Six letters that would change not only the letter openers lives, but Amanda’s.

Dear Jennifer” [ Title Page | Synopsis | Excerpt ]

An epistolary novella about the lifelong friendship of Michael, a dancer who gets AIDS and Jennifer, a woman who sacrifices her career and family for her friend. This work has been performed in a staged reading in Los Angeles in an abridged form and performed at New Voices in Pittsburgh in an abridged one-act play.

“The Girls Go Fishing” [ Title Page | Synopsis | Excerpt ]

A humorous novel about five woman who decide to charter a fishing boat for the day. “Steel Magnolias” on a yacht!

“Summer of ’85” [ Title Page | Synopsis | Excerpt ]

A novel about the relationships of three generations of one family; teenage son, his fortyish father, and grandfather over the course of one summer. Work in progress.