My 3 Cents

 Waa! Waa!


Life is hard, isn’t it?  At least that’s what we keep hearing on the news. Roving reporters put their lives at risk on beaches, in restaurants and bars, at backyard BBQ’s to ask people of all ages “How are you doing with Covid19?”

The responses may be worded differently (“Nobody can infringe on my rights.” or “I’m low risk, so there’s no reason for me to stay in.”) But the underlying sentiment is “Woe is me! or translated to apropos baby talk, “Waa Waa!” I guess I’m in the minority (or possibly the silent majority) when I say I’m good staying home. I’m good wearing a mask. I hear what politicians are saying, (mostly 45), “that it’ll all be over soon” but I choose to believe scientists and medical professionals.

I know I’m lucky. I live in a nice space with a lovely backyard. I live in a neighborhood where walking the dogs is easy and the local grocery store requires face masks. My wife is super vigilant taking precautions since she works in the medical field and together, we plan weekly menus and evening activities to ward off boredom.

I am aware of the advantages of living in the United States and not having experienced any reason in my entire life to “sacrifice” my lifestyle up until the last few months.

What do I say to the people that are angry and frustrated and putting, not only, their own lives at risk, but potentially thousands of others?

Let’s talk about actual dire circumstances. Let’s talk about eight people living confined to a space of 450 square feet. Let’s talk about having to be silent from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 every day except Sunday, walking in stocking feet to go undetected. Let’s talk about sharing one bathroom with eight people. Let’s talk about only having a radio to listen to in the wee hours. Let’s talk about 761 days (more than two years) where going outside would mean certain death.

Tell me again how you’re bummed because you’re tired of streaming Netflix? Tell me again how this “sacrifice” can’t go on much longer because you can’t stand Zoom meetings.

Is life hard? Damn straight. A pandemic is something none of us bargained for, but we can lessen the harm to others. We can focus on the greater good and quit whining about temporary inconvenience. We can act like grownups and lead by example.

Or, we can cry like babies.

                 “What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.”

                                                                                                         Anne Frank