My 3 Cents Tornado Brain

Tornado Brain

Usually, when I write My 3 Cents, an idea has been roiling around my brain for a while. When I finally sit down to write, the words flow quickly and by the time the “save” key is pressed I feel a sense of relief.

Not this time. It’s like a tornado is banging around my head consisting of unsettling emotions and events, any one of which could be elaborated on in a column.

  1. A much needed escape to San Diego for a few days to escape the darkness of the Northwest before the clocks “fall back.” Checking into (and immediately out of) a disastrous AirBnB. Countless phone calls with customer service representatives while trying to take a relaxing stroll on the beach interfered with any hopes of peace of mind.
  2. A round of pickleball with my sister-in-law and a lunch with my mother-in-law offered fun and food for thought – respectively.
  3. The onset of a cold (thankfully, not Covid) that continues into a second week of coughing and congestion and total lack of energy.
  4. Attended my first (and last) stadium concert. Pink, with Brandi Carlisle, gave a brilliant performance that was creative and musical and so full of energy I went home exhausted.
  5. Two hours kayaking a lagoon in So.Cal. not a mile from Interstate 5. So quiet and peaceful a heron strolled near by.
  6. A constant companion (in my brain) for the last six months is tinnitus. I do my best to block out the buzz, but I fear it is here/hear to stay.

And, of course, 7. The loss of Zora the day after we came home. Without warning, a dog who walked twice a day, ate appropriate food, played with her relatively new little sister, Dolly, on a regular basis, and loved us unconditionally, died in less than twelve hours.

Puts all the other “stuff” in perspective. And if you’re a faithful reader, you know it’s been a tough year for loss. I know it’s part of life, but c’mon.

The funny part of this My 3 Cents, for lack of a better word, “reflection,” is I know I’m lucky. And that’s why I write My 3 Cents. I need to first clear my head. Tornadoes don’t stick around forever. Once that’s accomplished, I need to reach out, make myself useful to others. Not always sure what that is or how to do it, but I’m willing to be open to giving it a go.