Travel Tuesday

Hint:  All shapes and sizes.

3 Travel Tuesdays left!


  1. Patty Johnson

    Nice to see you! I want to hear this story. On this painful day when the D announces Energy and State – and I weep, I see a photo like this and feel hope. Where were you and what is this story…Blessings!

  2. Lynn Rosen

    I would like to see what you are clapping for! This pic makes me want to be there!

  3. natalie spiegel

    Memories of Africa!

  4. Ann Waldron

    Clapping? I thought you were all 3 waiting to catch something. Love this Travel Tuesday column. Thanks so much for sharing so much.

  5. R2Redshaw (Post author)

    Catching the joy? We were singing our farewells!

  6. Kay Withers

    I loved hearing your Africa stories after you returned from your trip!

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