Travel Tuesday

Time to reflect.

Wait. Look closely. The bird is actively seeking food.

Maybe it’s time for reflection AND action.

Too much of a stretch? I think not.



  1. natalie spiegel

    Well put! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and Kay and your families.


  2. R2Redshaw (Post author)

    Back at you, Natalie! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Charlotte Watts

    And as all animals in nature, it knows just how much to take for its needs and no more. Much to admire in this egret. Thank you for reminding us R2.

  4. Patty Johnson

    So all who are able might reflect/pray a bit and then plan to come to DC for the January 21 March. I have six staying here but can accomodate two more!

  5. R2Redshaw (Post author)

    Can’t tell you how tempting the offer is! Would love to be in DC and see you; however, we’ll be marching in Seattle that day. With you in spirit and with optimism in our hearts! Happy Thanksgiving!

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