Travel Tuesday

Final Four! There are four more Tuesdays in December. Travel Tuesday will be retired in 2017.

In the past, each post stood uniquely on its own. For the final four there will be a theme – a universal theme – dear to my heart. Feel free to venture a guess as to the photos connection and to what I think will become obvious by the end of the month.

Oh, yes, and “Thank You” for clicking with me this past year!


  1. Elizabeth Kelly

    What wonderful adventures you have had.

  2. R2Redshaw (Post author)

    Thanks. It’s been a fun project, plus I always like having a deadline!

  3. Catherine Carter

    theme guess: tusked creatures
    thanks for sharing all these great pictures!

  4. natalie spiegel

    I’ll miss Travel Tuesdays but I’ll always be your and Kay’s friend.

  5. R2Redshaw (Post author)

    You bet!

  6. Judy Luther

    Theme guesses: Baby Mine 🙂 or Africa Adventures!

  7. R2Redshaw (Post author)

    Love that lullaby!

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