Calendar Girls

Calendar Girls


By Rebecca Redshaw

There’s nothing like a “feel good” movie to start the New Year off on the right note. The theatre screens are crowded with late entry, big budget Oscar hopefuls that command our attention (and our time). Through the magic of cinema and eight dollars plus, we can travel to the Japanese countryside, the mountains of North Carolina (via Romania), and the mystical world of the RING filmed in New Zealand. On each journey we will be treated to wonderful masculine eye candy in the persons of Cruise, Law, & Mortensen.

Or we can wander the hills of the Yorkshire dales with a middle-aged (assuming we all expect to hit the century mark) group of frumpy housewives that live far from anything resembling exciting existences.

Some choice? Some choice.

CALENDAR GIRLS tells the true story of just such a group of women, wives and mothers beyond their physical primes, if in fact they ever had them. Julie Walter’s, as Annie, is confronted with the reality of life alone after her husband succumbs to cancer. Annie, along with her best friend, Chris, played impishly by Helen Merrin, is determined to contribute to the hospital fund to make things easier for people thrown into similar situations.

The two women decide on an unorthodox fundraiser that has the WI (Women’s Institute) with their proverbial knickers in knots.

Directed by Nigel Cole, GIRLS runs a bit long, but probably no longer than a walk through the fields near Settle, England, one of the location sites. It’s a fun outing to watch the blossoming of these gutsy women who gloriously reveal their true selves. Hats off (and all other attire) to Mirren and Walters for seemingly effortless performances.

Another year – another CALENDAR – and another fun movie.