My 3 Cents: Reflection

My 3 Cents:     Reflection

I have it on good authority that the “eye roll” was perfected when Internet companies outsourced their tech support to India. Are you guilty? I confess I was when I was advised to call an 800 number to straighten out confusion regarding my computer security software. I certainly couldn’t afford to ignore the online warning or hang up on the pleasant, but accented voice, that answered my call.

Maybe because I opted for a less expensive laptop (translation: slower) this go round, the call lasted 58 minutes and 26 seconds. If you’re imagining me as bald as Mr. Clean from pulling my hair out, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Devavriya was knowledgeable and patient, far more patient than I had started out that morning. Because there were so many long pauses as my computer erased conflicting software and reloaded the correct programs, I asked her questions.

I like to know where people are. What’s the weather like? What time of day is it? Sometimes the connection is just to another state in the U.S. and sometimes, like that day, halfway around the world in India.

She told me that there was a twelve-hour time difference and she was working the nightshift.

“And the weather?”

“Hot, always hot, a hundred degrees.”

“Do you have air conditioning?”


“It’s snowing here. Have you ever seen snow?”

“No, never.”

“Ever traveled outside of India? I’ve been to the Far East a number of times, but have yet to visit your country.”

“No, but I’m working on getting my passport.”

(All the while I’m watching my computer screen for indications of progress loading, as in Devavriya.)

“Are you ready for Christmas?” she asked.

“Almost. Do you celebrate?”

“Yes.” (At that moment Zora, one of my dogs let out a yelp.) “Oh, you have a dog.”

“Actually, two, Zora and Stevie. Do you have pets?”

“I too have two dogs, Barbie, who is very small and Spikey, much larger.”

“You know my name is Rebecca, What’s your name? Please spell!”


“I’m sorry my computer is so slow, but I ‘m enjoying talking with you. Do you enjoy working with computers?”

She giggled. “Not so much.”

“You sound young. What would you rather do?”

“I like to write.”

“I’m a writer!”

“What do you write?”

“Books, plays, articles for magazines. Whatever comes to mind. You have my email. If you like, we can talk about writing from halfway around the world.”

“I am so sorry, but my company forbids contact.”

“Of course, but keep writing, do what you love.”

“I see the program correction has been completed, is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“No, but I have very much enjoyed talking with you. I wish you a Merry Christmas and the best future.”

Almost an hour and our connection ended, but not really. I marvel at technology. I spend hours at my computer every day. When I get in a jam, I call a tech line and am ecstatic when the problem is solved quickly, and I can get on with my work. But this one time, a young woman with a lilting voice shared a bit of her life with me for almost an hour and it made my day.