Forgiving Joanie

Forgiving Joanie

Joanie approached the double wooden doors with trepidation. “What am I doing here?” she mumbled to herself just loud enough that the young man pushing the mailcart did a double take. He halted the cart and smiled. 

“Looking for someone in particular? You can bet I know where everyone works in this building.”

She looked at the scrap of paper in her hand and then up at the name on the door. With hesitation Joanie turned toward the mail delivery boy. “Thanks. I found it.”

And with that, the lad was on his way, leaving her still frozen at the door. She took a deep breath. As she reached to turn the doorknob, it suddenly swung open and startled her.

“Sorry to have frightened you. Come on in.” The woman gestured for Joanie to enter. “Nothing to fear in here, unless you steal candy from Betty, our receptionist. You would think the candy dish is for clients. Don’t be intimidated!”

Joanie entered the spacious waiting room. 

“I’ll be down the hall, Betty. If you could help this lovely lady get comfortable until I get back?”

Stepping to the counter, Joanie’s mind raced. “Was that her? My therapist? Maybe it’s not too late for me to leave.”

But as she was about to act on that last thought, Betty hung up the phone.