The Girls Go Fishing Synopsis

The Girls Go Fishing


Rachel Gregg watches with amazed disbelief as the four wealthy Beverly Hills women awkwardly board the charter fishing boat, The Lovely El, ahead of her. Bronze Troy Apollo, the muscular first mate, extends a helping hand as a weathered Captain Jack tips his cap respectfully. Rachel, a scriptwriter, barely knows her four fishing companions for the day. Laurel Goldblum and Jill Baskin, both doctors’ wives, are practiced at appearances, but harbor secrets that prevent them being truly happy. Going through a messy and very public divorce from a famous director, Allison Moore joins the group annoyed that she ever agreed to spend a frivolous day fishing. Ann Cohen, who planned the outing, is good-hearted but looks at life through rose-colored glasses despite her own, dark secret.

One day. Time to get to know each other beyond cocktail banter. And on this particular voyage, time to get to know oneself. Between the time The Lovely El motors out the channel to the Pacific in the morning mist and the time sundown signals her return to shore, confidences will be betrayed, souls exposed, and seven lives forever changed. And, oh yes, the weatherman predicts it will be a good day for fishing.

The Girls Go Fishing is a novel which explores relationships, friendships, marriage, wealth and life.