Summer of ’85 Synopsis



Kevin Griffith is going to his grandfather’s house to spend the summer. Divorced David Griffith, who barely knows his 13 year old son, reluctantly agrees to leave Wall Street and work out of his childhood home in Ben Avon. Bill Griffith, living alone since his wife’s death a year ago, prepares for his house guests unaware of David’s hidden summer agenda.

Three men. Three generations. One family. They should love each other. But summer in Ben Avon will be the time for Kevin to change from self-absorbed teenager to caring young man, for David to confront past ghosts and fears that only the small town and its colorful residents know, and for Bill Griffith to close the door, both figuratively and physically, on the home he has always known.

Preserved in the memories of life only paintings by Norman Rockwell rekindle, Ben Avon, at first, seems time has passed it by. Yet with all it’s charm and quaintness, it offers the challenges of life and death, relationships of love and hate, and family dilemmas that are experienced in the most sophisticated arenas. The only difference is that in Ben Avon they know your name.